Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hide and Seek-Kitten Style!

Hi there, Lucius here! Boy howdy did I discover a great game to play!! Wanna see?

Lu-Lu-a.k.a. Miss Cranky Puss-told me yesterday to go cover my eyes and then she would hide. At first I didn`t get why she would want to hide from me, it made no sense. Everyone who sees me hugs and smooches me and she wants to hide from me??? Lady cats are hard to figure out sometimes.

After Lu-Lu assured me it was a very fun game I figured why not! I`m a fun loving kitten! So I put my paws over my eyes and counted as high as I could. After I got to seventy-eleven I started looking for her.

I checked out the empty soda box. She`s not in here!

I looked inside this planter. I found squished flowers but no Lu-Lu.

I seeked behind the laptop but only found a whisker. Boy Lu-Lu sure is a good hider!

I tried to look under the couch but it was dark, so I pawed around under it. I found a toy mouse but no Lu-Lu there either! (Later the beagle dog ate the toy mouse. I heard the lady goatherder say she would buy more! I like those furry mice a lot!)

I lay down and spied my eye under the closet door. I saw a dust bunny but no fluffy Lu-Lu cat.

I even tried to find her in the beagle dog’s dinner! The beagle dog didn`t seem to think Lu-Lu was mixed in with his kibbles but I wasn`t taking any chances! She`s pretty stealthy!

I was really stumped. Where in the world could she be?? I figured I would go lie down and nap and maybe I would dream up her hiding place. One night I dreamed up a new aluminum foil ball and the next day, like some sort of catastic magic one appeared! I must have powerful feline dream magic!! When I got onto the goatherders big bed I suddenly stopped. There was a big Lu-Lu sized lump under the pretty flower blanket. Aha!! I found you Lu-Lu!!

I do have some mad ninja cat skills!




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  1. Hey - looks like a fun game of hide and seek! I live with three cats so I am quite familiar with these cat games!

    Happy blog hop! Hope we can be friends!

    Your pal, Pip

  2. Lucius, I have a feeling you're going to have to become a really good seeker to keep up with that Lu-Lu!


  3. Hi Bunny and Mr. Pip!

    Yes, I am honing my seeker skills all the time. Although I`m not sure why that goatherder lady keeps talking about Quidditch or something like that.


  4. You do have some mad ninja skills.

    I'm Pumpkin and I found you through blog hop. I hope you'll come visit me at

  5. Love photo montage of Lucius searching for Lulu...the suspense was killing me...cheers!