Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I sure hope time drags!!!

Hi everyone, Lucius here! *Yawns widely*

Excuse me! I didn`t mean to yawn in your faces but today was one super busy day for this fun-loving kitten! It started out the same as always-playing with Miss Cranky-Puss-trying to climb the screens-watching a chipmunk outside with the big yellow dog. You know? Typical kewl cat stuff.

Then the goatherder lady brought in THE CARRIER. I didn`t like the looks of that cat tote but I did allow her to put me inside it `cause I`m a good guy that way.

After I was all settled in the blond girl with the yummy toes carried me out to the truck and we left. As we drove I started singing to the Godsmack music playing. And it was singing and NOT crying! Big rough tomcats like me don`t cry, we sing. I was trying to sing better than Sully Erna and I think I did. Suddenly the truck stopped and I got carried inside a VERY strange place!

I smelled of ALL kinds of different dogs and cats. There were strange people there too. I figured they hadn`t heard me singing like Sully Erna so I started singing again. The lady behind the desk must have really liked my song because she said I had really powerful lungs!

Then a door opened and someone called my name. I peeked through the front of my tote as the youngest goatherder toted me into another weird room. This room seemed better though since I could get out of the carrier. There was a lady there who seemed awfully nice, from a distance. My humans told me she was a veteran-airean. That confused me until they said her name was ‘Doctor.’

Doctor talked to me and picked me up. I thought she wanted to smooch and hug me since most folks do. Instead she put me on a long silver thing and said I weighed three point six pounds. Then she looked in my ears. I didn`t like that one bit! Doctor said I had ear mites and cleaned out my ears. I REALLY didn`t like that!! She looked at my teeth and told my humans I still had my baby teeth. Then she put some cold metal round thingy between my front legs.

Doctor listened real quiet like. I squirmed a lot! I wanted to investigate this new place not be listened to between my front legs! I did get close to the door once but Doctor was really fast and fished me out from under a table. Now that was fun! What came next wasn`t fun though!! The lady goatherder held me and Doctor poked me with something sharp!! TWICE!!! I really sang like Sully Erna when that happened!!

The carrier looked really good then!! My nice blond girl goatherder took me to the truck while the mean-hold-the-cat-so-he-can-get-poked goatherder took care of something to do with money, whatever THAT is! She took me out of the carrier and hugged and kissed me while we waited. The smooches and hugs kind of made the sharp pokes and ear-cleaning somewhat better.

When the lady got into the truck she said I had to come back in three weeks along with Lu-Lu. She told the blond girl that we would need another cat carrier. She also said that Doctor said I may be kind of sleepy. *Yawns again*

Sorry, I can`t seem to help myself. Guess it`s time to go back and finish my cat nap huh? I sure hope three weeks is a long, long, long, LONG time!! It is right?????



  1. Well, I don't think it is a very long time, to tell you the truth! I kind of like going to the vet, though. They always make a big fuss over me! Maybe you should try finding a good hiding spot before three weeks is up!


  2. My feline sisters tell me going to the vet is much more stressful for cats than dogs. I wonder if it is true. I don't like it very much, but my sisters do seem to get more upset - screeching (maybe they are just singing, like you said), hissing, clawing. I just shake, but don't cause any trouble.

    Your pal, Pip

  3. Hi friends!

    Sorry I didn`t reply sooner but I didn`t feel to good yesterday. I think the shots made me REALLY groggy, but I`m much better today!!


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