Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Innocent until proven guilty

Hi friends, it`s me Lucius sitting quietly in the window because I think we might be in trouble.

I know, right? How can anyone with a cuteness factor as high as mine is be in trouble? Lu-Lu being in trouble I can understand because she`s a grumpy puss sometimes, but me??? See it all started last night. Did you know that humans sleep at night? They do! Our doggy buddies do too but me and Lu-Lu, well we just can`t seem to sleep when it`s dark out.

Lu-Lu says that only the highest evolved prowl at night and that we cats are very much smarter than dogs. I don`t know about that since Lu-Lu talks a lot about fancy things but I do know we got a VERY sound scolding when our goatherder lady woke up this morning. Ya know, looking at the goatherder lady when she gets up, well maybe Lu-Lu is right about us being more involved or whatever it was she said.

Any whiskers, somehow during the night this happened.

Now I kind of recall playing tag with Lu-Lu when the house was dark. And I maybe remember running over the coffee table, but I do not have any recollection of that glass duck getting its wing broke!

Lu-Lu checked it out for clues and she said one of the dogs (Bet it was that big black one with the happy tail) must have knocked the books and glass ducks to the floor. I agree! There`s no way a couple of cats could have done something so bad. Yup, it was the dogs. That`s our story and we`re sticking to it!!




  1. I think you're going to have to come up with some pretty good proof, otherwise, it's not looking so good for your case!


  2. You sound like my feline sisters - any time THEY do something, they blame it on me! GRRRR ....

    Your pal, Pip

  3. Hi friends!

    I think we was set-up by the dogs, but our lawyers are saying not to talk about it to anyone. And who wants to argue with a goat attorney??