Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kitten games!

Hi everybody!! It`s me Lucius!

Boy howdy life as a kitten sure is fun! I mean it seems like every day I discover a new game to play! Yesterday, after I got done trying to catch a black wagging dog tail I heard my goatherder lady getting into the closet in the kitchen. I love that closet so I sneaked from the black dog butt and used my mad ninja skills to stalk up on her.

I laid down real low to the ground and peeked around the corner. The lady was dragging something across the floor! Ooooo, I was really excited about that thing going back and forth, back and forth…it made my tail whip let me tell you! Then, when I couldn`t take it another second, I pounced out-Just like a mighty lion-and attacked!

It put up a good fight, and stirred up tons of animal hair. Oh, Lu-Lu says the hair was all dog hair and not cat hair because we swallow our hair and puke it back up at a more convenient time and location…whatever THAT means!

In the end my wicked kewl ninja skills paid off and the sweepy thing ran off to hide in the closet for the day. I know it`s in there though and I will maintain constant vigilance until it comes out again, then Hi-Yah! Ninja-Cat will strike again!!




  1. Lucius, I think if Lu-Lu's not careful, you're going to use your mad ninja skills to become the star of this blog! I hope that the next time, you can catch that thing, but just be prepared for it to put up a fight!


  2. Kittens do have all the fun! We have done some kitten fostering and boy, what fun they have!

    Your pal, Pip

    P.S: Hope you catch that black fluffy thing.

  3. I know, right? I keep telling Lu-Lu the same thing Bunny and boy does she get cross!

    I`ll keep trying Pip!