Sunday, July 4, 2010

The life of the party!!

Hi there, Lucius here! I got some laptop time since Miss Cranky-Puss is off pouting.

I hope everyone who celebrates it had a very good 4th of July! This was my first one and I didn`t know what to expect. My mom got up early and made something called macaroni salad. It looked really good but she wouldn`t let me taste it to make sure. I have a great taster but you know humans!

Pretty soon it was time for them to leave for the cook-out and guess what!? They said I could go!! Lu-Lu had to stay home and she got very cross. Can I help it my cuteness factor is so high?

We got in the truck and I rode with the blond girl who I sleep with. She`s really nice! Once we got to the picnic place I was the center of attention!

Everyone wanted to hold me and scratch me. I love hugging and petting but I just wanted to go investigate this new house!

When it was time to eat I got to go outside and play in the grass! It was a lot of fun, there were bare toes that wiggled around.

There was also a creek that I thought needed prowling but my humans thought different I guess. They kept me out of the high weeds because they said they were afraid I would get lost. I kind of understand that but boy-oh-boy did those weeds look fantastic!!

Now I think I`m going to go take a nap. Well maybe I`ll nap after I go tell Lu-Lu what a great time I had! I bet she`ll be REALLY cross when she hears what a star I was!!

Yours in cuteness-

Lucius the party cat

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  1. BOL! Lucius, you are going to be stealing a lot of scenes from Miss Cranky Puss! Just do me a favor and sleep with one eye open! LMTO!