Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lu-Lu`s Fabu Feline Movie Review

Lu-Lu-Hello fans of fabulous felines! I thought it would be catastic if I gave my very distinguished views on movies that feature us wonderful felines! I know how valued my opinions are among the goatherders I live with and I wished to share them on my new blog! So without any further delay here is my review of--


Lu-Lu-Oh hello there short-stuff, I suppose you want in on the action? Tell you what, you can do the next one. Does that uncurl your whiskers?

Lucius-Really?!?!? Wow!! Thanks! You`re a really kewl cat….well when you`re not all cross and cranky. I`m off to start watching movies!!*Leaps out of basket to find human to put in DVD*

Lu-Lu-Now where was I? Oh yes, my Fabu Feline Movie review! I`m going to begin with one of my purrferred films The Aristocats.

This movie was released in 1970 by Walt Disney Productions. It has an all-star cast supplying the voices –Eva Gabor as Duchess, Phil Harris as Thomas O`Malley (That O`Malley is just dreamy!) along with Sterling Halloway, Scatman Crothers and Pat Buttram. Maurice Chevalier even came out of retirement to sing the theme song for the movie!

It centers on the adventures of Duchess and her three kittens-Marie, Berlioz and Toulouse who share their house with their adoring human Madame Adelaide Bonfamille, a retired opera singer, and one disreputable butler named Edgar. *Hisses at Edgar* I don`t wish to spoil but I will say it`s a fun-filled and musically rich movie from beginning to end for humans and cats alike!!

I give Disney`s The Aristocats four purrs! And I`ll leave you with one of the hippest songs ever sung by some way cool cats! Enjoy!

Yours in devilment-



  1. I've seen that movie! It's rather cute. Which character do you see yourself as?

    Have you seen Cats vs. Dogs? Now that's a tail slapper!


  2. Hop hop hop....thanks for reminder of a great Walt Disney classic, "The Aristocats". My kittie, Miss Mia hogs the computer all the time. Cheers!