Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lu-Lu`s Tips for Kittens #1

Hello fans of fabulous felines, Lu-Lu once more at the laptop!

Ever since that Lucius fellow showed up here it`s become glaringly obvious to me that kitten`s need a guiding paw, a feline mentor if you will, who can instruct them in certain areas of proper cat devilment. Being just that sort of cat (Devilish) I decided I would step up and place the yoke of kitten education upon my svelte shoulders.

So any of you human`s who have kitten`s do place them by the computer monitor so they can begin to receive their feline education. There is plenty of room beside the blond kitten who has been eating my Kit-N-Kaboodle as opposed to his Kitten Chow.

*Lucius waves a paw*

Today`s lesson in catitude and bedevilment deals with flowers.

Flowers are beautiful creations of nature. They`re vibrantly colored and smell divine! Also flowers do attract many species of flying creatures. Moths, butterflies *Licks lips* and also bumblebee`s. Do NOT try to eat a bumblebee my young feline students! It`s most unpleasant.

Also flowers are fun just by themselves.

Outside they sway to and fro in the gentle summer breeze. You may pounce upon flowers my charges. You may also walk through, over and into flowers if you are on the trail of something. Don`t let the high-pitched wails of your human`s upset you kittens! Those are simply shouts of joy at the trampled begonia`s and the mouse tail they found on the porch.

Sometimes our humans will pick flowers and bring them inside. Why?? I truly cannot say but I suspect it`s because they know how we cats cherish them! Flowers are not only for smelling though little cats!!

Even if they are inside in a glass vase it is up to us to ensure that our humans know how much we appreciate their thoughtfulness. So whenever your human brings flowers inside do take time to ensure they know we located the bouquet, and thank them with a flower arrangement of your own. They will love it have no doubt!

Class dismissed!

Yours in devilment-


We`re participating in the Pet Blog Hop again this week! It`s a purrrfect way to make new friends, so do feel free to join in!


  1. Just hopping through and I looked at a few of your posts. I found some adorable kitties and the back of a couple of cute doggies!

    Enjoy your Saturday!

  2. This is SO FUNNY!! My feline sisters do this all the time. Mama continues to bring flowers in the house and put them in "out of reach spots", but the kitties ALWAYS find them!

    I am going to be chuckling about this one for awhile!
    Your pal, PIp

  3. Hee hee! I don't bother rearranging the flowers, but the are good for attracting the flies, which Morgan and I then proceed to catch out of the air. I hope your goatherder appreciates your artistic talents, Lu Lu!


  4. Hello friends, thanks so much for stopping by! *Purrs*


  5. Lu-Lu, you give excellent lessons. Can't wait for the next one.