Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sing-along time!

Lu-Lu-Hello fans of fabulous felines!! Lu-Lu here and I—

Lucius-Don`t forget about me! I`m here too! I`m famous and fabulous!

Lu-Lu-Yes, we all know how totally fabu you are short-stuff.

Lucius-I am NOT fabu! Fabu sounds all girly. I am a tom-cat! I am awesomely masculine and oozing with totally kewl ninja cat skills!

Lu-Lu-Of course you are.*Pats head soundly with paw*Actually my kitten cohort and I have just been relaxing, watching birds and talking about how much we love being cats!

Lucius-It`s true! We really were! I sat down for like seventy whole minutes! Then fell asleep because Lu-Lu talked so much boring fu-fu girl stuff.

Lu-Lu-I am never boring rest assured fans.*Nudges Lucius from windowsill with butt*You know being a cat is a grand thing to be! It never gets old does it Lucius?

Lucius-*Leaps back into window*Nope!

Lu-Lu-Kind of makes you want to…..

Lucius-Break into song?

*Knuckle/paw bump*


Lucius-I love the stuffed mice

Lu-Lu-I love the real long naps

Lucius-I love to play with dogs

Lu-Lu-And curling up on laps

Lucius-We love this whole house

Lu-Lu-And all that live within-

Boom-De-Yada, Boom-De-Yada

Boom-De-Yada, Boom-De-Yada

Lucius-I love to pounce on toes

Lu-Lu-Oh I love that as well

Lucius-We love to write our tales

Lu-Lu-Upon our humans Dell

Lucius-We love our blogging friends

Lu-Lu-And hope they sing along-

Boom-De-Yada, Boom-De-Yada

Boom-De-Yada, Boom-De-Yada

Boom-De-Yada, Boom-De-Yada

Boom-De-Yada, Boom-De-Yada.

Yours in feline vocal harmony-

Lu-Lu & Lucius

We`re joining in the Saturday Pet Blog Hop again! It`s a purrrfect way to find new blogs and new friends!


  1. Very nice, very nice! I am Rosie "da boss" Cat and I have taken over Pip's blog for the day! Nice to meet you.


  2. Nice tunes, there, you two! I hope you two have a great weekend!


  3. Hi there! I'm visiting from the Blog Hop! Nice to meet you & love your blog! Happy weekend!

  4. Now that's a catchy tune!! Boom-De-Yada, Boom-De-Yada!!

  5. Thank you all! We`re thinking of attempting a cat-rap next.