Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Darn goats!

Hello fans of fabulous felines, Lu-Lu here and I am out of sorts!

Since Sunday our humans have hardly been around. All they talk about is this goat and that goat! Why yesterday the goofy goatherder and the blond girl with the yummy toes were gone ALL DAY LONG! Lucius really missed them and although we did have the dogs for company it just wasn`t the same. Why I haven`t even had time on the laptop due to this goat show thingy-ma-bob!

Any whiskers since I am a rather gracious feline I did concede to allow the lady who has ignored me-I mean Lucius- the honor of mentioning her other blog. The one that deals with farm animals and her rather odd thoughts. Personally I don`t see the appeal of cows and goats and all those other assorted animals who reside in barns but who am I to say?

So due to my generous nature and a liberal amount of make-up petting here is the link to her blog where you can see the results of this years goat show at the fair.

Thoughts from a Yodeling Goatherder

Our goofy lady says that she promises to allow us more time on her laptop very soon and then we`ll be able to catch up with all our new friends properly. Trust me, I am going to hold her to that promise or her toes will be mine!

Yours in devilment-



  1. Hi Lulu nice to meet you. I stopped over on a belated blog hop. I like goats, but you're prettier than a goat, so don't worry!

  2. I know it sucks being left alone, but it's cool that the blond with the yummy toes won so many ribbons. Try not to be too upset.

  3. Bah! Cats and dogs are superior life forms and should be treated as such! That goatherder ought to be feeding you two off the fine china after the days of neglect the two of you have suffered. It was cool that your girl won all those ribbons, though!


  4. Bunny is right, but I will hop over and check out the other blog anyway! Actually, goats are pretty cute!

    Your pal, Pip

  5. Are you saying the goats were more important than you for a day? I... I... can't imagine!


  6. I SO agree Bunny! Lucius and I will demand extra attention when this whole fair week thing is over...and perhaps a few new catnip toys as well!


  7. Hey, Lu-Lu, sorry your humans didn't give you the service you deserve due to the goats this week. Do goats always cause such trouble?