Saturday, August 7, 2010

Our buddies!

Hi everyone! It`s me Lucius!

I`m feeling MUCH better since having to go and get my shots the other day! Man, those things hurt! Although the man was kind of nice, why he and my goatherder lady even talked about me going in three months to get tutored! How cool is that?!?!

Anypurrs, since Lu-Lu and me are kind of new kittens on this blogging block I thought it would uber kewl to introduce you to the other animals we live with here on our hillside farm, just so you know who they are and what me and Miss Cranky-Puss think about them.

First off there is Poe.

She`s the oldest animal on our farm so I thought I`d start with her…age and rank and all that. Poe is a yellow dog. A Labrador I think the goofy goatherder said. She will be eleven in October. She used to love to hunt birds (I know, right?! I do too!!)With the goatherder man but she had to retire because of her hips being hurtful. Poe is pretty okay for an old dog, just don`t leap on her tail when she`s asleep! Unless you possess ninja skills like me of course!

This is Trinity.

She`s a black dog of the Labrador kind too. She loves to carry things in her mouth. She`s only seven or eight-I don`t remember exactly what the lady said. Trinity is pretty cool. She just lies on the floor like a big lump and lets me chase her tail. She never even shows me her teeth like Poe does. Sometimes me and Lu-Lu blame the broken stuff on Trinity because she has such a happy tail! We cats are such stinkers at times!

Now this is Tinker.

Tinker is a beagle dog and TONS of fun! Tinker and me will race around the house when he gets silly! I`ll leap high into the air as he races past with his butt dragging real low! Tinker cracks me up! I guess maybe because he is only like four is why he is so much more fun than the older dogs! I wish we had like a gajillion Tinker-dogs!

These are the goats.

I don`t like the goats too much. Sometimes I go down with the blond girl and visit them but they`re really big and have those scary goat eyes! I do LOVE the fresh goat milk the humans bring from the barn everyday though! That creamy, fresh milk is the cat`s pajamas!!*Licks whiskers just thinking about it*

We have cows too.

Two great BIG cows! Lu-Lu and me, we don`t go near those cows. They are just too big! Thier names are Sir Patrick of Moo and Bubba. I think Patty is the red one and Bubba is the white polka-dotted one, but don`t make me swear on a stack of catnip about that!

And chickens!

We have seriously like a bajillion chickens running around! Big chickens! Little chickens! Chickens that crow and chickens that lay eggs! One day this one chicken had these little chickens with her….I guess she was their mom or something? Any whiskers, I tried to sneak up on them in super cat-ninja mode. That mommy chicken was mean and pecked me on the head! So word up to my fellow ninja cats, don`t EVER try to stealth a mommy chicken!

Last on the list are the ducks and geese.

Now I kind of like the ducks. They waddle around and talk all kinds of funny duck talk! That mean mommy hen I talked about? She attacked one of the ducks just yesterday for getting too close to her little peeping babies. The geese on the other hand….me and Lu-Lu and the three dogs keep a WIDE space from them pinching geese! I don`t even like the looks of them big old bills! And the noise they make!!! Their wee-snawing makes my ears lay down flat to my head!! Even bestial cool ninja cats don`t go near the geese!

So there you have it! All the fun and whacky animals me and Miss Bat-You-On-The-Head live with! Hope you liked meeting our big farm family!



We`re taking part in the Saturday Pet Blog Hop again! It`s a purrrfectly wonderful way to find new blogs and new freinds!


  1. Wow, you are truly a multi-species home! I didn't know you lived on a farm with all those critters, very cool!

    Your pal, Pip

  2. Hi Lucius,

    Nice to meet you! We are visiting from the Saturday Blog Hop.

    We are glad you are feeling better after your visit to the V-E-T. We don't like getting shots, either.

    You sure have lots of animals there on your beautiful farm. Thanks for showing us around!

    Have a great weekend. :)

    Your new friends at Animal Shelter Volunteer Life

  3. Hop, hop, hop...many thanks for introduction to your animal clan Lucius! You are mighty cute!

  4. It looks like you have a lot of animals to watch out for there on the farm, Lucius! You must be worn out at the end of the day from all that work and playing!


  5. Lucious, you are a gem! I have had ducks, goats, guinea pigs, cats, dogs, horses, ponies, mini horses, lizards, hamsters, nice to see such a large 'family'!

  6. That's a lot of animals. It must be interesting to live with them. You must have an adventure every day!

  7. Hi friends! Thanks for stopping by!

    I do have adventures almost every day! Yesterday I almost got me two roosters with my stealth-mode ninja powers! Then I got scolded for chasing the chickens but it was all worth it!