Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our first award!!

Hello fans of fabulous felines! It`s me Lu-Lu typing away as quickly as my paws will allow because I`m so very excited! Our friend Mr. Pip at Pip Gets Back in the Game was gracious enough to give Lucius and me an award!

This is our very first blogging award and we are just tickled to the very end of our whiskers!! Thank you Mr. Pip, you are one purrrfect example of a wonderful friend!

The award states that we have to reveal seven things about us then pass along ten new blogs that we visit. So we`ll begin with the revelations first.


1-I simply adore spending time lounging on the goofy goatherder`s arms when she is trying to write! Oh she does spit and mutter at first if my foot accidentally adds several hundred Z`s to her page, but eventually she realizes just what is more important and then some serious feline appreciation begins!

2-Lucius loves spending time outdoors! Here is a picture of him in his ‘Uber Kewl Ninja-Cat mode’ as he stalks some unsuspecting chicken!

3-I am just over a year old and Lucius is four months old.

4-Lucius name came from the song by Charlie Daniels entitled ‘The Legend of the Wooly Swamp’. The characters name in the song was Lucius Clay.

5-I am particularly fond of Baked Cheeto`s and popcorn for an evening snack.

6-Both Lucius and I will stick up our noses at any dry cat food that is not Kit-N-Kaboodle.

7-Our favorite toys are human toes but if we can`t grab those we really love our fluffy balls and catnip mice!

Now here are ten blogs that we enjoy visiting. We hope you do as well!

Hobbit Habitat

One Pibbles Wish

Confessions of the Plume

Sammy & Andy`s Place

24 Paws of Love

Sir Pinky`s Eye on Everything

That`s My Cat!

Puppy Love

Kat`s Kats

Island Kats

Until we chat again a warm rub and a deep purr to all! We hope you all drop into the above blogs and say hello! I just know you`ll make some new friends if you do!

Yours in devilment-



  1. Congrats on your first award!! Those are some interesting things about you! Lucius, you get to stalk chickens?? How fun!!

    Thanks for passing this award on to us!!

  2. Congratulations on the award!

    Lucius, I wish I could help you stalk that chicken! Between the two of us I think we could take that chicken down!


  3. Congratulations! You guys have a great blog and always make me giggle. That chicken better watch out!

    Your pal, Pip

  4. Thank you for mentioning my blog, Miss Lu-Lu and Mister Lucius. Does this mean that I can post that nice butterfly award over there too?

  5. Oh Lucius isn`t supposed to stalk the chickens but he does anyway.

    Yes please do post that lovely butterfly on your blog Sir Pinky!