Saturday, September 4, 2010

Caught on film!

Hi everyone!! It`s me Lucius!

Boy it sure has been hot here! Lu-Lu and me have been really lazy lately, just cat napping most of the day away. It`s even been too hot to show the chickens my ninja-cat skills!

But I did get a real good laugh when we woke up yesterday from our morning nap! Lu-Lu and I came out to have a brunch nibble of some Kit-N-Kaboodle. After our snack I leaped all stealthy like into one front window to stare at the chickens pecking around and Lu-Lu jumped into the other one.

“Hey Lucius,” she said.”Bet you a fur mouse I can pull these wash clothes from the hanger!”

“You are SO on Lu-Lu!” I said because I knew if she did pull them down, she would get the dickens since those are the cloths the goatherder`s use to wash the goat udders with when they milk. Mmmmm yummy goat milk….Sorry, I was licking my whiskers just thinking about fresh milk.

When the goofy goatherder wasn`t looking Lu-Lu reached up and started tugging. I guess humans can hear pretty good because our lady turned around real fast like and caught her red-pawed. Lu-Lu tried really hard to let go and act all nonchalant and stuff but her claw was stuck!

I laughed and laughed! It was nice to see someone else catch the dickens besides me all the time! Even that white chicken outside saw the predicament Lu-Lu was in and began laughing real chicken-like! After the goatherder lady took these pictures she went over and got Lu-Lu`s claw unstuck from the wash rags! I was rolling around on the windowsill holding my sides! I laughed so hard I fell from the ledge and landed on a big black dog sleeping under me!

Lu-Lu was really embarrassed to be caught like that! I guess she doesn`t possess uber kewl skills like me despite all her bragging huh? She kind of hinted (With a sharp claw wagged in my nose) that if ANYONE found out about it she would track me down like the varlet that I am. I don`t know what a varlet is but I do know I couldn`t let those pictures not be seen by our friends every---

Oh heck! Here she comes!!!



*Hurries and hits publish post button*

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  1. Hi, just hopping by. We joined the Blog Hop and are checking out the great blogs! Have a good weekend and keep those chickens laughing.

  2. Be careful! She may be on to you! And what's with all that diet coke? You are not on a diet are you?

    Your pal, Pip

  3. Hopped by to say hi! What a great story! Happy blog hop.


  4. Too funny! Love the photos.

  5. Hi there freinds! Thanks for stopping by!

    No Pip the diet soda isn`t for me, I am a streamlined feline. It`s for the human lady who says her butt is too big. *Shrugs*


  6. Lucius, I laughed so hard, I near fell off the couch! Oh, Lu-Lu must be in quite a snit over this story being on the internet! Have I mentioned how much I like you?


  7. I didn't know chickens could laugh!

    I'm glad you didn't get in trouble too.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Nubbin' wiggles,

  8. You two and Rumbles would get along like a house on fire. He's always finding some new way to get into trouble *sigh*

    You guys do look very cute (again, like Rumbles) so I bet you get away with it...


  9. Haha!! Lucius, it's hard not to share a good story like that...even if it gets you in trouble with Lu-Lu!!

  10. Hi again! I just gave you an award. Go to my website to pick it up and get instructions on how to pass it along!