Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lu-Lu`s Fabu Movie Review

Hello fans of fabulous felines! Lu-Lu here once more with another one of my fabu movie reviews!

This time we`re going to lay a very lovely cats-eye (Mine that is) to the 1997 movie ‘Men in Black’, and yes, there is a sound reason why I chose this action/sci-fi/comedy to review!

Of course many would say that Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones were the stars, but I beg to differ! The real star of this movie which was based on a comic book (My geeky goatherder lady INSISTED I add that) is the very svelte and professional cat Orion who wore the galaxy on his collar! This lovely orange and white tabby very cleverly stole the show in this reviewer’s humble opinion. Personally I am sure that the $587 million dollars this movie grossed was in large part due to the animal actors involved.

Not only was Orion a huge draw but there was also a pug named Frank who added a great deal of humor and class. He is nearly as handsome as our friends Brutus and Yoda!

Of course the human actors did quite well also. Lucius was very intrigued by the action and fight scenes but being a mancat that is to be expected I suppose.

Since I had a terrible time trying to find a picture of Orion *Flattens ears in vexation* I have included a small video snippet from the movie which demonstrates what a wonderful thespian this cat truly is! It is no small role to carry an entire galaxy on ones feline neck! Even though this clip is not in my native tongue Orion`s performance shines through in any language!!

So after all is meowed and done I give Men in Black a very solid four purrs, with an extra leg rub tossed in for Frank and Orion!

Yours in devilment and cinema!



  1. We love this movie!! And you are so right, Lu-Lu, Frank and Orion made this movie!!

  2. I love this movie! And you are right, cats are so talented!!!

    Your pal, Pip

  3. We love this movie. That Frank is a good dog actor :) OK, Orion didn't do to bad either!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  4. Miss Lu-Lu, Mister Lucius, you ought to take a look at some of my human's fan fiction sometimes. I believe she has a story or two based on Men in Black where Orion makes an appearance.


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