Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A rather purrrfect day!

Hello fans of fabulous felines!

Lu-Lu- Well here I am at the laptop and boy was today—

Lucius-Hi! Hi! Don`t forget me!!

Lu-Lu-If only I could. Go play with a dust bunny short-stuff.


Lu-Lu-Thank goodness, now where was I?? Oh yes, today was a busy day for us and a special day as well. All night I was up prowling…I mean pacing, just wondering if that goofy goatherder had remembered it was my birthday. She should have, I mean what other cat has such verve and catitude right?

*Lucius runs past with dust bunny in mouth*

Lu-Lu-I think I`ve made my point. Finally 4 AM rolled around and the zombie woman schlepped from her bedroom. She gifted me with a wonderful assortment of presents after her coffee kicked in.

I got a new blue collar. Personally we could have skipped the annoying little bell if you ask me. How am I supposed to catch birds with….Ah, I see. And I thought we cats were the sneaky ones! I also got a container of Pounce Moist treats, seafood medley. *Licks lips*Also there was a duo of crunchy balls for me to play with. Please note I said ME and not WE!

Lucius-I like the crunchy balls! They sound like paper! Are you mad again Miss Cranky Puss? Your ears are all flat to your head.

Lu-Lu-Please ignore the little beanie-head. So after I went in and out numerous times all morning in eager anticipation Miss Yodeling finally woke up. I had seen this box on the kitchen table and had smelled the goodies inside all night!! At first I thought it was a box of presents for the cat with all the sass but it turned out to be for the shelter cats, which is an ace in this fancy feline’s book!

Then it was time to go to the S.P.C.A.! I was more than ready to visit some way cool cats! Sadly neither Lucius nor I got to go. How unjust is that? Just because we only have one cat carrier and I refused to share it with HIM! Well I was quite cross let me tell you!!

Lucius-You`re always cross. I think we should call you Miss Cranky-Cross Puss. Look a ball of dog hair!!!!

Lu-Lu-He`s so easy to distract. Anyway my humans said I could explain the pictures in my own glorious words. It`s a small consolation but better than nothing I suppose. This is the entry for our local S.P.C.A., isn`t it lovely?

It appears they`re having a special on kitten adoptions. That makes me sad to think that so many cats need homes. I hope each and every kitten and cat finds a home just as good as mine!

Once inside you`re greeted by the resident shelter cat, and truly, who better to welcome humans in than a cat?? And a lovely one at that!

The lady behind the desk was most pleased for the donation made in the name of Life with Jack & Jill. Way to name blogs Sharon! Then a small tour of the cats that were up for adoption. Just look at all the felines needing homes!! Every single one would make a wonderful pet.

I`m sure all who read this have a humane society close to or in their hometown! If you can`t adopt a new cat or kitten or even a puppy or full grown dog, do make a donation of food, time or money. It really is a very worthwhile cause. And who knows! You may end up with a svelte feline full of wit just like me!

Lucius-Or me too! I was really glad my super nice goatherder family adopted me!! Even if I do have to put up with Madame Grumpy Spits-A-lot over there, if they hadn`t brought me in I could have ended up in one of them cages! Or maybe even worse! Although they could have skipped all them bath things. I don`t like those very much. Why are you snickering Miss Cranky-Cross Puss?

Lu-Lu-Oh just enjoying the memories is all! You looked like a drowned rat!

Lucius-Oh yeah?!? Well…you have a stinky litter box! Uh-huh, I said it! How`d you like that?!

Lu-Lu-Yes indeed! I am most chagrined and in awe of your skills with scathing come-backs. Kittens. They have so VERY much to learn. I may have to set aside some entries just to pass along my knowledge to the younger generation of fantastic and fabu felines! Well, that wraps up our day today in a neat little purrresent!

Yours in devilment-

Lu-Lu & Lucius

Monday, June 28, 2010

All about us!

Hello fans of fabulous felines! Welcome to Purrrsonal Thoughts!

I hope you love the look of my new blog as much as I do. It`s just filled with catitude don`t you think? Kind of like me!

Since this is my first official entry in my very own blog I thought it would be nice to introduce myself. Some good canine friends of mine Lilac, Blueberry, Bunny and Morgan too over at TALES & TAILS did this on their blog and I thought it was the cat’s pajamas! So here we go-All about Me!

Pardon? Oh. Well yes I suppose this should be all about US but truly I am not fond of that Lucius fellow and I feel his name being added to my blog should….. *Sighs* Very well, I`ll share the blog with the tiny little interloper but I will NOT change the background!! A queenly cat such I as can compromise as long as our demands are duly noted. So here it is then, all about US. Egad the things I have to put up with!



Lu-Lu-My name is Lu-Lu and I`m a year old, although ladies usually don`t tell their age. Actually rumor has it that my people had a deuced time trying to think of a name for me. One day when I was about six weeks old it`s told that I did something silly (I find that hard to believe for I am never silly merely spirited) and Mister Yodeling said ‘Boy she`s a real Lu-Lu!’ Rumors can be unfounded though so if I were you I would not embrace that little folly of a tale.

Lucius-Hi!!! Wow this is neat! I like this place a lot!! Oh yeah, my name is Lucius I think and I don`t know how old I am. But I`m cute!

Lu-Lu-*Rolls eyes dramatically*


Lu-Lu-I overheard the lady at the vet once say I was a domestic longhair mix. Personally I don`t feel that description captures my true effervescence and allure. I prefer to describe my breed as domestic longhair extraordinaire.

Lucius-What`s a breed? Oh! A shiny foil ball!!


Lu-Lu-As a refined feline I usually disdain the nicknames my humans use. Lu-Lu is a splendid name but as much as it mortifies me….well…..sometimes they call me kitten britches or New-Nurrs.

Lucius-Does cutie-patootie count as a nickname? It does!?! Whoopie!!!

Lu-Lu-Seriously do you see what I now have to endure blog readers??


Lu-Lu-I was born just down the road from where I live. My mother was a wild cat who had me and my brothers and sisters in our neighbor’s garage. One day when I was three weeks old the gentleman started up a very loud piece of equipment and it scared my mother terribly. She ran off in fright! The neighbor later found us scattered about his yard as Mister Yodeling helped him look for us. I was found under a riding lawnmower grass bag by Mister Yodeling after he heard my plaintive kitten meows. Out of six kittens only three were found, I was one of the lucky ones!

Lucius-I just came from that room where the dogs are sleeping! They`re fun! More fun than Miss Cranky-Puss over there!



Lu-Lu-Oh I have oodles! I simply love my fluffy yellow ball! I also adore paper and aluminum balls! If I even hear paper being crunched up I just HAVE to go investigate! Do moths count as toys? I think they do so I`ll add moths as well. This is my favorite mothing spot! It`s hours of fun and really if the lamp gets knocked to the floor is it THAT big of a deal? Also people toes are a great source of enjoyment for me.

Lucius-I like people toes too!! And rugs and paper and dog tails and ping-pong balls and—

Lu-Lu-Moving on now thank you short-stuff!


Lu-Lu-Whisker Lickins and Pounce Moist treats. I also like Baked Nacho Cheese Doritos.

Lucius-What`s a door-e-toe? Is it like a human toe?? Those are yummy and wriggle around!!


Lu-Lu-This is difficult. I have three humans that I`m rather fond of for different reasons but maybe my favorite human is Miss Yodeling. She is SO much fun!! I love to sneak up on her and leap on her feet! Sometimes when she takes a shower I sneak into the bathroom in stealth mode-which we cats excel at-and steal her clean socks! Humans are very entertaining!

Lucius-Ooooo I love all humans!! Yes I do! They hug me and cuddle me and call me cute little names and—

Lu-Lu-Must we REALLY continue with this?? Well fine! But I am now cross just so you know.



Lu-Lu-Truthfully I don`t feel I have bad habits, merely small foibles such as using furniture for scratching posts or digging in the cat box for long stretches of time. I mean there are things in that box that must be covered and covered well correct?! So if it takes fifteen minutes and a few cupfuls of litter cast around the floor under my box daily does that make it a bad habit? I concur.

Lucius-I`m too cute to have bad habits! Miss Cranky-Puss why are you choking? Do you have a fur-ball stuck????


Lu-Lu-Oh dear me, this one will surely make me blush to the very ends of my long whiskers I`m afraid! Possibly the most embarrassing thing to happen to me yet occurred when I was just a tiny little kitten. I was drinking from a bottle and after each bottle Mrs. Yodeling would roll me to my back and rub my full little belly while murmuring ‘Nani-Nani-Nani’ and I liked it!! Oh the shame of it all!!!

Lucius-One time, like just yesterday, I tried to jump on the pretty blond girl’s bed and a book fell on my head!!


Lu-Lu-This is a simple one. The cat rules the house. THIS cat shorty!!

Lucius-Wowzies talk about issues. I mean, uhm….Oh look tissues!!!!


Lu-Lu-I would have to say it’s the way that I can irk them completely one moment then be in their laps purring the next. I keep them on their scrumptious toes!

Lucius-My cuteness factor of course!

Yours in devilment-

Lu-Lu & Lucius