Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sing-along time!

Lu-Lu-Hello fans of fabulous felines!! Lu-Lu here and I—

Lucius-Don`t forget about me! I`m here too! I`m famous and fabulous!

Lu-Lu-Yes, we all know how totally fabu you are short-stuff.

Lucius-I am NOT fabu! Fabu sounds all girly. I am a tom-cat! I am awesomely masculine and oozing with totally kewl ninja cat skills!

Lu-Lu-Of course you are.*Pats head soundly with paw*Actually my kitten cohort and I have just been relaxing, watching birds and talking about how much we love being cats!

Lucius-It`s true! We really were! I sat down for like seventy whole minutes! Then fell asleep because Lu-Lu talked so much boring fu-fu girl stuff.

Lu-Lu-I am never boring rest assured fans.*Nudges Lucius from windowsill with butt*You know being a cat is a grand thing to be! It never gets old does it Lucius?

Lucius-*Leaps back into window*Nope!

Lu-Lu-Kind of makes you want to…..

Lucius-Break into song?

*Knuckle/paw bump*


Lucius-I love the stuffed mice

Lu-Lu-I love the real long naps

Lucius-I love to play with dogs

Lu-Lu-And curling up on laps

Lucius-We love this whole house

Lu-Lu-And all that live within-

Boom-De-Yada, Boom-De-Yada

Boom-De-Yada, Boom-De-Yada

Lucius-I love to pounce on toes

Lu-Lu-Oh I love that as well

Lucius-We love to write our tales

Lu-Lu-Upon our humans Dell

Lucius-We love our blogging friends

Lu-Lu-And hope they sing along-

Boom-De-Yada, Boom-De-Yada

Boom-De-Yada, Boom-De-Yada

Boom-De-Yada, Boom-De-Yada

Boom-De-Yada, Boom-De-Yada.

Yours in feline vocal harmony-

Lu-Lu & Lucius

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Innocent until proven guilty

Hi friends, it`s me Lucius sitting quietly in the window because I think we might be in trouble.

I know, right? How can anyone with a cuteness factor as high as mine is be in trouble? Lu-Lu being in trouble I can understand because she`s a grumpy puss sometimes, but me??? See it all started last night. Did you know that humans sleep at night? They do! Our doggy buddies do too but me and Lu-Lu, well we just can`t seem to sleep when it`s dark out.

Lu-Lu says that only the highest evolved prowl at night and that we cats are very much smarter than dogs. I don`t know about that since Lu-Lu talks a lot about fancy things but I do know we got a VERY sound scolding when our goatherder lady woke up this morning. Ya know, looking at the goatherder lady when she gets up, well maybe Lu-Lu is right about us being more involved or whatever it was she said.

Any whiskers, somehow during the night this happened.

Now I kind of recall playing tag with Lu-Lu when the house was dark. And I maybe remember running over the coffee table, but I do not have any recollection of that glass duck getting its wing broke!

Lu-Lu checked it out for clues and she said one of the dogs (Bet it was that big black one with the happy tail) must have knocked the books and glass ducks to the floor. I agree! There`s no way a couple of cats could have done something so bad. Yup, it was the dogs. That`s our story and we`re sticking to it!!



Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lu-Lu`s fabu Feline Movie Review

Hello fans of fabulous felines! Lu-Lu here with another catastic movie review from a feline perspective!

Now before anyone gets upset…yes I did say that Lucius could do the next review. Since I am a cat of my word I allowed him time to view this movie at my side. Sadly short-stuff has the attention span of a gnat and can`t seem to sit in one place for longer than two minutes, unless he`s taking a cat-nap of course. So as I watched our movie for this review Lucius played with my tail, chased dogs, ate a dropped potato chip from the floor, ran into the wall chasing a jingle ball, ate some of my Kit-N-Kaboodle then fell asleep beside a boot. *Sighs* Kittens.

So not wishing to disappoint my fellow felines, canines and humans I have another review for your pleasure. This time were going to talk about the wonderful movie ‘The Adventures of Milo & Otis’.

This movie is a live-action Japanese film about an orange tabby named Milo and a fawn pug named Otis.

Otis reminded me of our friends Yoda & Brutus over at ‘The Pugs Strike Back’ a great deal! And Milo did resemble a certain kitten I know. The Japanese version was released in 1986 and the reworked English version was released in the United States in 1989. Dudley Moore provided the narration for the English version and did a grand job! The director Masanori Hata and associate director Kon Ichikawa edited the film together from over 400,000 feet of footage shot over a period of four years! That is a lot of hard work!

The movie begins with a barn cat that has a litter of kittens. One of the kittens is named Milo and he seems to always be getting into trouble for being too curious. Although we ARE cats and curiosity is part of what makes us so purrrfectly feline don`t you think? As a kitten Milo meets, and becomes friends with, a pug puppy named Otis. Since I don`t wish to spoil anything for any who may not have seen this delightful film I won`t go into much more detail. There is action, adventure and love as the two friends try to return to their farm home I will mention though.

I give ‘The Adventures of Milo & Otis’ four purrs and recommend it for cats, dogs and humans alike! I`ll end my fabu review with a small clip from the movie that goes to show cats and dogs can be buddies true and through!

Yours in devilment-


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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kitten games!

Hi everybody!! It`s me Lucius!

Boy howdy life as a kitten sure is fun! I mean it seems like every day I discover a new game to play! Yesterday, after I got done trying to catch a black wagging dog tail I heard my goatherder lady getting into the closet in the kitchen. I love that closet so I sneaked from the black dog butt and used my mad ninja skills to stalk up on her.

I laid down real low to the ground and peeked around the corner. The lady was dragging something across the floor! Ooooo, I was really excited about that thing going back and forth, back and forth…it made my tail whip let me tell you! Then, when I couldn`t take it another second, I pounced out-Just like a mighty lion-and attacked!

It put up a good fight, and stirred up tons of animal hair. Oh, Lu-Lu says the hair was all dog hair and not cat hair because we swallow our hair and puke it back up at a more convenient time and location…whatever THAT means!

In the end my wicked kewl ninja skills paid off and the sweepy thing ran off to hide in the closet for the day. I know it`s in there though and I will maintain constant vigilance until it comes out again, then Hi-Yah! Ninja-Cat will strike again!!



Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lu-Lu`s Tips for Kittens #1

Hello fans of fabulous felines, Lu-Lu once more at the laptop!

Ever since that Lucius fellow showed up here it`s become glaringly obvious to me that kitten`s need a guiding paw, a feline mentor if you will, who can instruct them in certain areas of proper cat devilment. Being just that sort of cat (Devilish) I decided I would step up and place the yoke of kitten education upon my svelte shoulders.

So any of you human`s who have kitten`s do place them by the computer monitor so they can begin to receive their feline education. There is plenty of room beside the blond kitten who has been eating my Kit-N-Kaboodle as opposed to his Kitten Chow.

*Lucius waves a paw*

Today`s lesson in catitude and bedevilment deals with flowers.

Flowers are beautiful creations of nature. They`re vibrantly colored and smell divine! Also flowers do attract many species of flying creatures. Moths, butterflies *Licks lips* and also bumblebee`s. Do NOT try to eat a bumblebee my young feline students! It`s most unpleasant.

Also flowers are fun just by themselves.

Outside they sway to and fro in the gentle summer breeze. You may pounce upon flowers my charges. You may also walk through, over and into flowers if you are on the trail of something. Don`t let the high-pitched wails of your human`s upset you kittens! Those are simply shouts of joy at the trampled begonia`s and the mouse tail they found on the porch.

Sometimes our humans will pick flowers and bring them inside. Why?? I truly cannot say but I suspect it`s because they know how we cats cherish them! Flowers are not only for smelling though little cats!!

Even if they are inside in a glass vase it is up to us to ensure that our humans know how much we appreciate their thoughtfulness. So whenever your human brings flowers inside do take time to ensure they know we located the bouquet, and thank them with a flower arrangement of your own. They will love it have no doubt!

Class dismissed!

Yours in devilment-


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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I sure hope time drags!!!

Hi everyone, Lucius here! *Yawns widely*

Excuse me! I didn`t mean to yawn in your faces but today was one super busy day for this fun-loving kitten! It started out the same as always-playing with Miss Cranky-Puss-trying to climb the screens-watching a chipmunk outside with the big yellow dog. You know? Typical kewl cat stuff.

Then the goatherder lady brought in THE CARRIER. I didn`t like the looks of that cat tote but I did allow her to put me inside it `cause I`m a good guy that way.

After I was all settled in the blond girl with the yummy toes carried me out to the truck and we left. As we drove I started singing to the Godsmack music playing. And it was singing and NOT crying! Big rough tomcats like me don`t cry, we sing. I was trying to sing better than Sully Erna and I think I did. Suddenly the truck stopped and I got carried inside a VERY strange place!

I smelled of ALL kinds of different dogs and cats. There were strange people there too. I figured they hadn`t heard me singing like Sully Erna so I started singing again. The lady behind the desk must have really liked my song because she said I had really powerful lungs!

Then a door opened and someone called my name. I peeked through the front of my tote as the youngest goatherder toted me into another weird room. This room seemed better though since I could get out of the carrier. There was a lady there who seemed awfully nice, from a distance. My humans told me she was a veteran-airean. That confused me until they said her name was ‘Doctor.’

Doctor talked to me and picked me up. I thought she wanted to smooch and hug me since most folks do. Instead she put me on a long silver thing and said I weighed three point six pounds. Then she looked in my ears. I didn`t like that one bit! Doctor said I had ear mites and cleaned out my ears. I REALLY didn`t like that!! She looked at my teeth and told my humans I still had my baby teeth. Then she put some cold metal round thingy between my front legs.

Doctor listened real quiet like. I squirmed a lot! I wanted to investigate this new place not be listened to between my front legs! I did get close to the door once but Doctor was really fast and fished me out from under a table. Now that was fun! What came next wasn`t fun though!! The lady goatherder held me and Doctor poked me with something sharp!! TWICE!!! I really sang like Sully Erna when that happened!!

The carrier looked really good then!! My nice blond girl goatherder took me to the truck while the mean-hold-the-cat-so-he-can-get-poked goatherder took care of something to do with money, whatever THAT is! She took me out of the carrier and hugged and kissed me while we waited. The smooches and hugs kind of made the sharp pokes and ear-cleaning somewhat better.

When the lady got into the truck she said I had to come back in three weeks along with Lu-Lu. She told the blond girl that we would need another cat carrier. She also said that Doctor said I may be kind of sleepy. *Yawns again*

Sorry, I can`t seem to help myself. Guess it`s time to go back and finish my cat nap huh? I sure hope three weeks is a long, long, long, LONG time!! It is right?????


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hide and Seek-Kitten Style!

Hi there, Lucius here! Boy howdy did I discover a great game to play!! Wanna see?

Lu-Lu-a.k.a. Miss Cranky Puss-told me yesterday to go cover my eyes and then she would hide. At first I didn`t get why she would want to hide from me, it made no sense. Everyone who sees me hugs and smooches me and she wants to hide from me??? Lady cats are hard to figure out sometimes.

After Lu-Lu assured me it was a very fun game I figured why not! I`m a fun loving kitten! So I put my paws over my eyes and counted as high as I could. After I got to seventy-eleven I started looking for her.

I checked out the empty soda box. She`s not in here!

I looked inside this planter. I found squished flowers but no Lu-Lu.

I seeked behind the laptop but only found a whisker. Boy Lu-Lu sure is a good hider!

I tried to look under the couch but it was dark, so I pawed around under it. I found a toy mouse but no Lu-Lu there either! (Later the beagle dog ate the toy mouse. I heard the lady goatherder say she would buy more! I like those furry mice a lot!)

I lay down and spied my eye under the closet door. I saw a dust bunny but no fluffy Lu-Lu cat.

I even tried to find her in the beagle dog’s dinner! The beagle dog didn`t seem to think Lu-Lu was mixed in with his kibbles but I wasn`t taking any chances! She`s pretty stealthy!

I was really stumped. Where in the world could she be?? I figured I would go lie down and nap and maybe I would dream up her hiding place. One night I dreamed up a new aluminum foil ball and the next day, like some sort of catastic magic one appeared! I must have powerful feline dream magic!! When I got onto the goatherders big bed I suddenly stopped. There was a big Lu-Lu sized lump under the pretty flower blanket. Aha!! I found you Lu-Lu!!

I do have some mad ninja cat skills!




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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lu-Lu`s Fabu Feline Movie Review

Lu-Lu-Hello fans of fabulous felines! I thought it would be catastic if I gave my very distinguished views on movies that feature us wonderful felines! I know how valued my opinions are among the goatherders I live with and I wished to share them on my new blog! So without any further delay here is my review of--


Lu-Lu-Oh hello there short-stuff, I suppose you want in on the action? Tell you what, you can do the next one. Does that uncurl your whiskers?

Lucius-Really?!?!? Wow!! Thanks! You`re a really kewl cat….well when you`re not all cross and cranky. I`m off to start watching movies!!*Leaps out of basket to find human to put in DVD*

Lu-Lu-Now where was I? Oh yes, my Fabu Feline Movie review! I`m going to begin with one of my purrferred films The Aristocats.

This movie was released in 1970 by Walt Disney Productions. It has an all-star cast supplying the voices –Eva Gabor as Duchess, Phil Harris as Thomas O`Malley (That O`Malley is just dreamy!) along with Sterling Halloway, Scatman Crothers and Pat Buttram. Maurice Chevalier even came out of retirement to sing the theme song for the movie!

It centers on the adventures of Duchess and her three kittens-Marie, Berlioz and Toulouse who share their house with their adoring human Madame Adelaide Bonfamille, a retired opera singer, and one disreputable butler named Edgar. *Hisses at Edgar* I don`t wish to spoil but I will say it`s a fun-filled and musically rich movie from beginning to end for humans and cats alike!!

I give Disney`s The Aristocats four purrs! And I`ll leave you with one of the hippest songs ever sung by some way cool cats! Enjoy!

Yours in devilment-


Sunday, July 4, 2010

The life of the party!!

Hi there, Lucius here! I got some laptop time since Miss Cranky-Puss is off pouting.

I hope everyone who celebrates it had a very good 4th of July! This was my first one and I didn`t know what to expect. My mom got up early and made something called macaroni salad. It looked really good but she wouldn`t let me taste it to make sure. I have a great taster but you know humans!

Pretty soon it was time for them to leave for the cook-out and guess what!? They said I could go!! Lu-Lu had to stay home and she got very cross. Can I help it my cuteness factor is so high?

We got in the truck and I rode with the blond girl who I sleep with. She`s really nice! Once we got to the picnic place I was the center of attention!

Everyone wanted to hold me and scratch me. I love hugging and petting but I just wanted to go investigate this new house!

When it was time to eat I got to go outside and play in the grass! It was a lot of fun, there were bare toes that wiggled around.

There was also a creek that I thought needed prowling but my humans thought different I guess. They kept me out of the high weeds because they said they were afraid I would get lost. I kind of understand that but boy-oh-boy did those weeds look fantastic!!

Now I think I`m going to go take a nap. Well maybe I`ll nap after I go tell Lu-Lu what a great time I had! I bet she`ll be REALLY cross when she hears what a star I was!!

Yours in cuteness-

Lucius the party cat

Saturday, July 3, 2010