Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Hello fans of fabulous felines, it`s me Lu-Lu typing today and am I bored! So, so bored.

It has been very ugly here over the past two days. Rain and rain and more rain! Just when it seems to clear up then another rain cloud passes over. I wish it were sunny like it is in that lovely picture of me ensuring I get attention! Why this morning both Lucius and I were outside and it rained! On us!!! Rest assured we beat a hasty path to the front porch and demanded to be let inside! Ugh. Our fur was wet! Truly I dislike wet fur. After I spent an hour or so getting presentable then Lucius began his silliness. He is bored too and has all this yellow kitten energy to burn off.

As I was walking past minding my own business, he swooped down from the coffeetable. I was in no mood, since I had just gotten my fur back in its proper place and I let him have it but good! Clouds of yellow fur flew. I did get a scolding but it was well worth it!

Does anyone have a good indoor game for cats to play?? If so, please let me know. Now I have to go take a nap but after our goofy goatherder comes back from giving away her blood *Shrugs shoulders* I`ll make her fire up the laptop and I`ll check back in. I hope my friends have some suggestions. A bored cat and kitten eagerly await your replies!

Yours in devilment-


Saturday, September 25, 2010

A sweet stealth lesson

Hi friends! It`s me Lucius-a.k.a. Ninja Cat!

I figured since Lu-Lu can give lessons to young cats about important cat stuff I could too! But instead of sitting on my furry britches and talking ( Something she is REALLY good at )I`m gonna teach by example! So anyone who wishes to learn my uber kewl skills pay attention because I move so fast I`m amazed the camera could capture my radical skills!

First you gotta locate your prey. In this case it just happened to be a crinkly candy wrapper that was moving back and forth on the edge of the coffee-table. Don`t let anything distract you! Not even a big black dog who is eying the candy too!

Second when the timing is just right-Pounce! Make sure you lay down real flat and wiggle your butt beforehand `cause thats part of the technique.

Thirdly play with your prey! This is totally important because it shows that prey who is really the big mancat!

I know I make it look real easy but it takes lots of purractice to perfect skills this massive. Don`t give up though! I know you can do it! Now head out there dudes and dudettes and put those radical feline stealth skills to the test!



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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cats VS. Dogs-The Battle for the Recliner

Hello fans of fabulous felines, Lu-Lu at the keyboard this fine day! We had quite a battle royale here yesterday and I`ve chosen to provide the commentary.

It all began when Lucius ( Who I feel is getting too big for his britches since catching that nasty old mouse )came inside after another journey into the weeds. He was rather damp and decided he wished to groom himself upon the man goatherder`s seat. As you will see there was a dog already resting in the recliner. It came down to a contest of brute force versus feline cunning or as the little yellow braggart would say 'Uber Kewl Ninja Skills'. *Sighs and rolls lovely eyes*

The initial encounter-

Trinity expresses her feelings about sharing with a damp show-off-

A moment of indecision!

Now the quick feline brain decides to try a different tactic...foot-licking and purring.

The 'Lick-the-dog-until-it-leaves' ploy works!! We have a winner in the eternal struggle between canines and felines!

I would like to take a moment to point out that the lovely blue collar with matching bell that Lucius has on during this rumble is now lost. After only one day! Personally I adore my pretty collar and would never think to lose it but then again I am simply more fabu than a certain yellow mancat.

Yours in devilment-


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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Look what I did today!!

Hi everybody it`s me Lucius and I am so proud of myself! Yup, today I used all my ninja-cat uber kewl skills and caught my first mouse!!

My human lady was really thrilled that I brought it to the front door, I could tell! She said I was an A #1 mouser and a fine mancat!

She told me I could share my proudness with all my blog friends! We cats SO rock!

*Knuckle bumps fellow felines*

Now I gotta go outside and see if I can catch another one!



Thursday, September 9, 2010


Hello fans of fabulous felines, Lu-Lu here and the time for paybacks has come. I did see that my little yellow side-kick posted those rather embarrassing pictures of me with my claw stuck. Well turn about is fair play as they say.

I hope you enjoy Mister Uber-Kewl Ninja Cat and his lovely soap bubble tail!

*Snickers behind paw*

Yours in devilment-


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Caught on film!

Hi everyone!! It`s me Lucius!

Boy it sure has been hot here! Lu-Lu and me have been really lazy lately, just cat napping most of the day away. It`s even been too hot to show the chickens my ninja-cat skills!

But I did get a real good laugh when we woke up yesterday from our morning nap! Lu-Lu and I came out to have a brunch nibble of some Kit-N-Kaboodle. After our snack I leaped all stealthy like into one front window to stare at the chickens pecking around and Lu-Lu jumped into the other one.

“Hey Lucius,” she said.”Bet you a fur mouse I can pull these wash clothes from the hanger!”

“You are SO on Lu-Lu!” I said because I knew if she did pull them down, she would get the dickens since those are the cloths the goatherder`s use to wash the goat udders with when they milk. Mmmmm yummy goat milk….Sorry, I was licking my whiskers just thinking about fresh milk.

When the goofy goatherder wasn`t looking Lu-Lu reached up and started tugging. I guess humans can hear pretty good because our lady turned around real fast like and caught her red-pawed. Lu-Lu tried really hard to let go and act all nonchalant and stuff but her claw was stuck!

I laughed and laughed! It was nice to see someone else catch the dickens besides me all the time! Even that white chicken outside saw the predicament Lu-Lu was in and began laughing real chicken-like! After the goatherder lady took these pictures she went over and got Lu-Lu`s claw unstuck from the wash rags! I was rolling around on the windowsill holding my sides! I laughed so hard I fell from the ledge and landed on a big black dog sleeping under me!

Lu-Lu was really embarrassed to be caught like that! I guess she doesn`t possess uber kewl skills like me despite all her bragging huh? She kind of hinted (With a sharp claw wagged in my nose) that if ANYONE found out about it she would track me down like the varlet that I am. I don`t know what a varlet is but I do know I couldn`t let those pictures not be seen by our friends every---

Oh heck! Here she comes!!!



*Hurries and hits publish post button*

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